Liebert Nfinity 8KVA N108S0412600

$9,000.00 $6,000.00

The Nfinity, N108S0412600, power system is a scalable 8 to 16 kVA UPS, designed with N+x parallel redundancy to provide a fault-tolerant network of power protection. Its modular design was devised to provide easy scalability to users as their power demands grow. Configurations can be cost-effectively upgraded without re-investing in a new system or installation. The system’s fault-tolerant design enables the intelligent power and battery modules to take themselves off-line if there is a problem without compromising system integrity. Self-diagnostic capabilities simplify maintenance and troubleshooting. It also offers redundancy in its unique paired system controls, internal and external bypass, and monitoring options.


Product Description

Nfinity 8KVA Scaleable Online UPS 19MIN 8-Bay Standard Model

Additional Information

Weight 819 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 20 x 40 in


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